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Take I-26 West to Weaverville and take Exit 19A to 25/70, to Marshall & Hot Springs.

Marshall is about 10 miles from this exit. In Marshall turn right at the second traffic light onto Walnut Creek Rd.

Go 1-1/2 miles. We are on the right just 2/10 mile past Smoky Mtn. Trail Rides & Bison Farm, which are on Lee Ramsey Rd. Do not turn on Lee Ramsey Rd. Keep going, (slowly), 2/10 mile. Do not turn across a wooden bridge. Keep going 1/10 mile past the wooden bridge. Watch for a cut out sloth sign on your right that says, "Hands-on Wildlife Interactions" at our entrance. If you don't go too fast you will see this in time to enter the driveway.

The street sign on our driveway says "Nature's Way". 

If you miss our driveway, DO NOT attempt to make a U-Turn into the driveway. You will likely get stuck.


Approach the driveway slowly. It drops off from the main road quickly but is easy if you don't go too fast.

Also, the bridge is actually very strong and safe even though it may not appear that way. 

Parking is just a few feet across the bridge to the left, or for compact or mid sized cars, there is also parking to your right just after the bridge.
From there, follow the signs up Kangaroo Ct. to your interactions.

The walk is a moderate 1/10 mile, but uphill on a gravel road. If you think you might have any problems with this, you can call us, and we will be happy to give you a ride up to the encounters.



2202 Walnut Creek Rd
Marshall, NC 28753

Phone: 305 - 255 - 9453*

*Voice messages should not be left for this number. We do not get voice mails.  It is much better to send a text or email if you don't get us on the phone.